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Life at Pitcairn Primary School


Scottish Sun's Free Books for Schools Promotion 2018

We need your help! We have entered this competition to win new reading books for our school. In order to earn these books we need to collect 3,500 tokens from the newspaper.  These tokens will be in the newspaper between 23rd September and 18th November. We would like to ask if you could collect these tokens everyday and send them in as soon as possible. To make sure we have a good chance of winning the books we would appreciate if you could ask family and friends to collect for us too!  


 Living Streets Walk of Fame

Pitcairn Primary School is taking part in the Living Streets October Walk of Fame. This means we all need to do our best to travel actively to school this week (beginning 1st October) and the first week back at school (beginning 22nd October). We won this competition last year - hopefully we can win it again this year!


Pitcairn Primary School News Round

Cast your eye over our new website feature. Some of the pupils from the IT lunch time club have decided to make a news report for the website.


Halloween Disco


Including Juice & Crisps

       Friday 26th October in the School Hall  

       Times: P1-3                          6.15pm-7.15pm                                                         

                                                                                              P4-7                          7.30pm-8.30pm