Pitcairn Primary School

Pitcairn Primary School

Life at Pitcairn Primary School

Primary 1/2


Click here to see our Creative Box Week assembly presentation.

Over the past two weeks, we have been working with Primary 3/4 to learn some Scottish Country Dances, so far we have learned The Gay Gordons and The Military Two Step. We have had lots of fun learning these dances, have a look at this video to see how good we are! 

During creative week we got to plan our own learning!

We planned lots of exciting autumn activities such as making a leaf rainbow and a leaf man!

Here are some photos of our leaf maze that we made as a class.



P1/2 have been enjoying using their new active literacy boards and magnetic letters to help them spell phonic words. September 2018



Here are some pictures of our first day at school!