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Pitcairn Primary School

Life at Pitcairn Primary School


Primary 3/4

We wanted to share the pictures of our Cardboard City houses.


We are really excited to let everyone know we have entered The Courier's Draw Your Mum campaign this year for Mother's Day and our lovely pictures and messages to our Mothers will be in the paper on Saturday 30th March. 

We have really enjoyed our February Creative Box week, click here to have a look at our presentation for assembly. 

We were set a homework task to create something new. We were encouraged to think about how our invention works, what made us think of the invention, who might use it and any other interesting information/facts we had about it. We were very creative and had lots of fun sharing our inventions with the rest of the class.  Have a look at what we made. 

From left to right: The 'bedmaker 3000', pencil holder, rocket station, self loading toothpaste toothbrush, sookyspoon, bath book holder, telescope and spaghetti fork. 

Above: Air Conditioner 320 and Portable Solution to Breathing Clean Air.


Above: A shoe that's hard to lose, magnetic suit, epic (to help people who can't kneel down), Penguicorn and mobile pizza maker. 

Over the past two weeks, we have been working with Primary 1/2 to learn some Scottish Country Dances, so far we have learned The Gay Gordons and The Military Two Step. We have had lots of fun learning these dances, have a look at this video to see how good we are! 

Today (11th December 2018) we were given a challenge to help upgrade Santa's sleigh and make him a ramp to make his job easier on Christmas Eve.  We had to solve 8 different problems which led us to a STEM (Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics) challenge to make the sleigh and a ramp by junk modelling. Have a look at some of our work! 

On Thursday 29th November 2018 we made slime. We followed all the instructions to make the recipe and once we were done we were allowed to play around with it for a while, then we tried to make a constellation with the slime! Have a look at all the fun we had.




Mrs Burns had a Parental Engagement Session on Thursday 29th November 2018 and we had great fun weaving paper to make kilts! We look forward to having more parents in again in future! 

Last week (22nd - 26th October 2018) the whole school were given Autumn as a focus for our learning. We spent some time thinking about what we could learn about Autumn and we were allowed to plan our learning for the week! 

We had lots of fantastic ideas which turned into a really fun week of learning! Here are a few pictures to show off our learning, ask us for more details!