Pitcairn Primary School

Pitcairn Primary School

Life at Pitcairn Primary School


Look at these amazing litter posters we made. We are now going to display them around our school. 



This is our noticeboard in the school hall.



Have a look at our action plans for this session: 


Food and the Environment



Pitcairn Eco Code

Litter – Put Litter in the bin.

Waste – Reduce and re-cycle whenever we can.

Biodiversity – Look after birds and bugs.

Water – Turn off taps.

Energy – Save electricity.

Travel – Walk, scoot or cycle to school.


The Eco Committee presented their aims for the year at assembly toady (Tuesday 2nd October 2018). Click here to have a look at their PowerPoint. 

This is the Eco Committee 2018-19