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Travel Committee

Today (Monday 25th February 2019) we had a visit from Don and Rebecca who work for Living Streets. We had lots of fun learning about why it is really important to travel to school and other places actively. We found it particularly interesting learning about how much space cars/buses take up in comparison to people walking. We can't wait to present our learning at assembly.

We went down to the school gate this afternoon (Monday 14 January 2019) to check how much traffic passed our school.  We only spent 5-10 minutes down at the gate and we had a shocking 13 cars drive past as well as many other vehicles (including an aeroplane flying above us!) We will be having a think at our next committee about what we can do to encourage people not only in our school but in our community to travel more actively. 

We presented our aims for this year at assembly today (Tuesday 2nd October 2018) why don't you have a look?  Click here to see our PowerPoint


Click here to see our action plan for this session.