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House and vice captains

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P3/4 superheroes

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Superheroes - October 2017

Outdoor learning P6/7

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Primary 6/7 Family Learning Forest School Session 05.10.2017 All pupils were able to further develop a range of skills through the block such as safe tool use, Slacklining and den-building. On our final session all pupils were able to practice lighting a fire with a flint and steel. Thank you Viki and Rona for all of your help this term, we have loved having you! Well done primary 6/7 for and excellent term.

P1/2 First Term

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Our first term has been a busy one. Here are a few of the things we have been doing

Maths Week September 2017

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During Maths Week we had lots of fun completing a variety of challenging activities. We had to use our knowledge of multiplication, fractions and addition to solve different problems. These activities gave us the opportunity to discuss what we know about maths and what we need to work on more. One of the most interesting tasks was a pattern task. This involved us looking at a variety of shapes and thinking about the numbers that each shape represented and then finding out what the pattern was. Some of us were able to identify factors and prime numbers in the shapes.

Anderson Shelters P6/7

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As part of our context work on Conflict and Resolution we have been learning about World War 2. As part of a homework task P6/7 were set the challenge of researching Anderson Shelters and then designing and making their own model. Everyone was able to find out some facts and the designs that were created were amazing. The models had to be waterproof, withstand a 1kg weight and be big enough to fit a Lego character inside. We are all very proud of the finished products and invited the whole school to our classroom to see them.

Curling 2016

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P4/5 NMS Visit

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Ancient Egypt

Black Watch Museum Visit 07/11/14

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Primary 4/5 visit to Black Watch Museum, Perth